We connect professional women and interested girls in STEM fields

Women make up 50% of the overall workforce, but only 28% in STEM fields and only 15% in engineering.
National Science Board
After 12 years, 50% of women in STEM jobs have left, opposed to only 20% of professional women in other jobs.
Cornell University



— We Find & Fund

We work with local schools and colleges to identify girls interested in STEM fields and provide unique outreach opportunities to them that are paid for through fundraising efforts. 


— We Build Networks

We connect local female professionals in STEM careers with each other through various networking opportunities.  We also connect local STEM businesses with potential interns and employees.


— We Strengthen

We empower our local community by encouraging existing female STEM professionals in their careers through professional development opportunities and support future female STEM professionals through mentorships.


— We Educate

We provide outreach opportunities to schools and colleges to teach students about STEM fields.  We provide professional development opportunities to local female professionals to educate them about issues specific to women in STEM.


— We Provide Opportunity

We give girls interested in STEM an understanding of the benefits of pursuing a career in STEM and equip them to handle the challenges that come with being a woman in those fields.


— We Consult

We offer proven practices to local STEM businesses with regard to talent acquisition, career development and employee retention for female employees.